Content filtering service

Basic Content Filtering for free        [0 NIS]

099 Primo Communications helps you block Obscene material such as pornography, humiliation and exploitation, sexual abuse, violence and pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, gambling sites, including incitement to racism or nationalism.  099 Primo Communications content filtering allows you to enjoy browsing and make you experience more enjoyable and safer, while reducing exposure to these contents.

Advanced Content Filtering with Phishing Protection        [15 NIS]  

Includes FREE Fixed IP

Choose the custom content filtering level thats right for your family.  099 provides you a range of content filtering options.  It is initially set at the basic level but is customizeable, so you can block entire categories of content, or just choose to block the individual websites that you know are problematic or unsafe for your family.  Advanced content Filtering Levels:

  • High

Protects against all adult-related sites, illegal activity, social networking sites, video sharing sites, and general time-wasters.

  • Moderate

Protects against all adult-related sites and illegal activity.

  • Low

Protects against pornography.

  • Custom

Choose the categories you want to block.

Manage individual domains

If there are domains you want to make sure are always blocked (or always allowed) regardless of the categories blocked above, you can add them below.

Phishing Protection (included for FREE with Advanced Website Filtering)

099 Phishing Protection is the easiest way to protect you from identity theft contents known as “phishing.”

With so many tempting, fraudulent contents on the Internet it’s hard to know what’s safe to click. Thankfully phishing emails and contents that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information are caught and immediately blocked by 099 Phishing Protection.

Even though they often appear to come from a trusted bank or online service, 099 Phishing Protection takes the guesswork out of spotting these dangerous links and protects everyone on your network. Even if a link manages to trick you, 099 Phishing Protection prevents the phishing content from loading.